Minecraft Legends was “killed” even though it was only released less than a year ago

Minecraft Legends was released last April and although it did not make much of an impression, it is still a quite interesting strategy game and brings players Minecraft years of new and different experiences. However, it seems that is still not enough Mojang, and this “stepchild” was quickly “thrown away” by this developer when it was still less than a year old. The company just announced that the game will not receive any more content updates.

This information was officially announced through a post on the Minecraft homepage earlier today, stating that the game has been improved and adjusted enough thanks to feedback from players and that the studio will “Take a step back from the development process“. Mojang further explained that there will not be any new content added after the Snow vs Snouts update.


A Minecraft game that won’t have more content updates in less than a year may seem strange, but if you look at its player count on Steam, everything becomes understandable. At the time of writing, only 23 people are currently playing Minecraft Legends, with a 24-hour peak of 31, and the game’s daily player base has struggled to reach the 100-player mark since May. 6, 2 months after release. For comparison, Minecraft Dungeons, another Minecraft game released more than 3 and a half years ago, still has 10 times the number of players than Legends on Steam.​

However, it should be noted that Minecraft Legends is an Xbox game and available on Game Pass, so the number of players on Steam cannot represent the total number of players of the game. Still, it’s part of a disappointing overall picture, and it’s not surprising that Mojang and developer Blackbird Interactive gave up on an unsuccessful game.


In contrast to its younger sibling, the original Minecraft is still very healthy and filled with incredible creations created by countless players. For example, one player recently spent more than three years creating the largest and most complex maze the game has ever seen, then uploaded it for other players to solve. Remember, Minecraft is already double digits old, and will probably never become “too old” to be abandoned by players.​

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