Speaking out about VTV’s report “Cleaning up cyberspace trash”, Do Mixi’s attitude surprised viewers.

On September 29, VTV1’s program “Confrontation – Cleaning up cyberspace trash” was broadcast and condemned many unhealthy content on social networks and the Internet. Among them, many names have been mentioned such as the game “1 billion downloads” Free Firerapper Gold vase, Rhymastic, Phi Phuong Anh…​


Later in a stream, Patriarch Mixi Degree There were honest shares about this report that surprised many people. Streamer Tay said he was quite “shy” when he saw the title “Cleaning up cyberspace trash”, he felt there was a possibility that he would appear in it so he immediately checked his mail and messages to see if there was anything unusual. Are not. When you’re sure you’re not in the report VTVI just watched it with everyone.

Accordingly, Do Mixi expressed agreement with VTV’s approach in strongly handling “junk” content online:

Do Mixi patriarch.

Last year, Do Mixi was mentioned by name in another VTV report about the problem of “vulgar language” on livestream. After that, by handling it wisely, he was publicly thanked by VTV on television for calling on fans to behave civilly, as well as calling on his colleagues in the profession to change to suit and develop the Streamer profession. .

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