Discover the creepy secrets of the creatures in Palworld

Possessing bright graphics filled with colors but as you know, Palworld There are “darker” settings than what we think. For example, cooking and eating creatures that you have defeated or even kidnapping and trading human body parts. However, not only humans but also monsters in this fantasy world are equally cruel.

Recently Redditor bryanmerel123 shared a video showing Pal… eating “human” flesh. After the Syndicate thugs were defeated in the forest, they became a meal for a Nitewing. In fact, there have been many other posts previously revealing this somewhat gruesome detail. Accordingly, Direhowl, Anubis or Gobfin are all creatures that often “eat” humans… and their own kind.

If you paid attention to the introduction when you started playing Palworld instead of focusing on capturing Pal and building a base, you’ll notice that there are warnings for this issue. According to one of the first NPCs the player meets when arriving at the Palworld archipelago, the creatures on this archipelago have eaten all of the NPC’s companions and that “this island is a living hell.” , players must be very careful here.

It can be said that these “dark” but also diverse and unexpected details are one of the factors that make Palworld successful. However, on the contrary, it also faced opposition from a part of gamers as well as humanitarian organizations. Not long ago, PETA Animal Protection Organization criticized Palworld for its cruel treatment of creatures in the game. However, with the bad reputation that this organization has, it is clear that no one cares about the above criticism, Palworld is still one of the titles hot games at the beginning of this year with a huge number of players.​

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