Decoding the entire plot of Paper Wedding Dress 6 – Consequences of a thousand-year-old crime

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On last weekend, Paper Wedding Dress 6: Eternal Nightmare – the latest sequel of the famous Chinese puzzle horror series “Paper Wedding Dress” has officially been released. The game gives us a deeper look at the consequences of the superstitious worship practice of Trang Linh village, as well as the fate of the people affected by this practice. Next, let’s learn about the story of GameHub Paper Wedding Dress 6 okay.

Strange things at Hospital No. 13

Paper Wedding Dress 6 is set at Mental Hospital No. 13 (Photo of Hospital No. 13) – where the people of Trang Linh village were taken for treatment after Dao Mong Yen reported to the police to destroy this superstitious village. It all started with Khe Nguyet Dao, a female doctor here, claiming that she could see ghosts, then later disappeared with no known whereabouts. Next, Doctor Tieu – who had researched deeply about hypnosis through the rituals of Trang Linh village – relapsed into mental illness, personally killed 3 patients and then fled. Finally, the Director of the hospital performed illegal experiments, causing the entire hospital to close.​


Not long after the hospital was closed, Khe Nguyet Dao returned to the hospital, at which point she seemed to have lost some of her memories. Wandering around the hospital for a while, Khe Nguyet Dao found instructions for performing a soul calling ceremony at the hospital and decided to follow. When the ceremony ended, in the mirror appeared a middle-aged man with a gray face and a rosary around his neck. This person shouted: “You have to fix that tower, it’s your destiny…”

Khe Nguyet Dao still didn’t understand and her head and ears squinted back when the scene in the mirror changed to an image of Khe Nguyet Dao as a child, with two other children beside her. Those two children suddenly turned their heads. Khe Nguyet Dao looked after them and saw a person wearing Dai Vu Hien’s outfit running past. Thinking it was Tieu Tri, Khe Nguyet Dao quickly chased after her and was led to Trang Linh village.​


Return to Trang Linh village

Wandering in the deserted village without people, Khe Nguyet Dao met Mrs. Thang, who was also the person who adopted Nhiep Mac Le, she still tried to stay in this village to wait for her adopted daughter to return. While talking to Mrs. Thang, Khe Nguyet Dao suddenly saw two ghosts disappearing and appearing, she quickly followed them into the house to check the situation. Here, she found a strange antique mirror, one moment it showed a picture of a little girl, the next moment it turned into a boy. She also discovers a recording of Tieu Chi’s hypnosis research. But the strange thing is that there were 3 voices among them, she recognized one of them as Tieu Tri’s voice, in addition to another male voice and another female voice.​


This also made Khe Nguyet Dao begin to doubt her identity. She looked at the antique mirror next to her. Strangely, the person in the mirror was not Khe Nguyet Dao but a man wearing Dai Vu Hien’s clothes. She raised her hand to take off the mask, behind that mask… was Tieu Tri’s face.

It turns out that Tieu Tri’s body has many personalities, in addition to his main personality, there is also the personality of a little boy’s ghost and… the personality of Khe Nguyet Dao. It is known that Tieu Tri mistakenly thought he had killed Khe Nguyet Dao when he got sick. Out of guilt and guilt, he created this personality. Previously, because this personality was in control, Tieu Tri completely forgot who he was and mistakenly thought he was Khe Nguyet Dao.

Right at this moment, the puppet ghost Khe Nguyet Dao appeared again, but before it could touch Tieu Tri’s body, the floor collapsed again, and the puppet ghost fell to the bottom. Tieu Tri quickly reached out and grabbed it. Only then did he see clearly that the person he saved was not a puppet but the real Khe Nguyet Dao.​


Everything must be told from the time when Tieu Tri and Khe Nguyet Dao were still doctors at Hospital No. 13. Discovering that the Director was acting strangely, the two discussed and collected evidence to expose the crime. his. But the Director acted first, intending to capture the two people. Tieu Tri helped Khe Nguyet Dao escape from the hospital but was caught and locked up himself. The Director of the Institute announced to everyone that Dr. Tieu’s illness had recurred and was being treated.

Talking about the Director of Hospital No. 13, although he enjoys an advanced education, he has always believed in ghosts and gods. Under the influence of the people of Trang Linh village, he also began to worship Tang Ton and secretly did many bad things to serve his beliefs.

After the Director’s actions were exposed and the hospital had to close, Khe Nguyet Dao returned to the hospital to look for Tieu Tri without any clues. Reluctantly, she had to go to Trang Linh village to find his whereabouts.

Lost in Troc Tho Dong Thien

Returning to the place where he lived before, at this moment, the boy’s ghost personality took control of Tieu Tri’s body, leading Tieu Tri to the 4th floor of the spiritual tower, Khe Nguyet Dao also quickly followed. She saw Tieu Tri standing in front of a mysterious door in the tower, looking like he was about to step through it, muttering that he had to complete the mission of building the tower. She quickly called Tieu Tri back. Under Khe Nguyet Dao’s encouragement, Tieu Tri’s main personality gradually recovered, finally defeating the boy’s ghost. But before he could be happy, suddenly a group of wild ghosts appeared from nowhere, pushing Tieu Tri behind the door.​


Khe Nguyet Dao was about to chase after him but was stopped by a middle-aged man. Looking closely, he was the man who appeared when Tieu Tri performed the soul-stimulating ceremony at the hospital. He is not a stranger but Tieu Tri’s biological father. However, it seemed that in his eyes, his son’s safety was not important, he only worried about cultivating to become an immortal and meeting Tang Ton. When he saw the door about to close, Father Tieu Tri did not hesitate to jump in only to be cut in half, ending his life haunted by thoughts of becoming an immortal or a Buddha.

As for Khe Nguyet Dao, she found the previous Dai Vu Hien of Trang Linh village and learned that behind that door was Troc Tho Dong Thien – the connection between the dirty mortal world of humans and the pure land of God. Funeral Ton. Even though she was scared, Khe Nguyet Dao still decided to step through the door, plunging into the seemingly endless darkness to save Tieu Tri.​


All of Troc Tho Dong Thien’s existence seems to be contrary to common sense, the water flows backwards, the sky has no sun, everything seems to be floating in the air… Khe Nguyet Dao also meets Tieu Tri again. Just as they were about to open the door to leave Dong Thien, the boy’s ghost appeared again. Without saying a word, he rushed forward and tried to kill Khe Nguyet Dao:


During the critical moment, a little girl’s voice rang out from Tieu Tri’s mouth, stopping the ghost’s actions. The mystery of the boy’s ghost’s identity is also revealed from here.

The mystery of the boy’s ghost – The crime lasted for a thousand years

It turns out that Dai Vu Hien in the first generation had falsely imagined that after death he could reach the blissful realm of Tang Ton, and to do that, he had to build a Spirit Tower. The construction of Linh Thap at that time was assigned to a worker named Tieu. However, Tieu got drunk and fell into the water and drowned. You must know that the construction of this tower can only be completed by people of the Tieu family’s bloodline, while no one of this family’s descendants currently has any talent in construction. So after the death of the worker named Tieu, it can be said that Dai Vu Hien’s plot was broken.

Unwilling, Dai Vu Hien came up with a very sinister plan – to sacrifice a boy and a girl and send them to the underworld to learn Tieu’s skills. Wait until you finish studying and then enter your soul into the descendants of the Tieu family to complete the construction of the tower. But before the plan could succeed, he was killed by his own son.​


After thousands of years, the incumbent Dai Vu Hien of Trang Linh village wanted to revive the belief in worshiping Tang Ton, so he decided to call up the souls of these two sacrificed children and let them enter Tieu Tri’s body when he was young and Khe Nguyet Dao – daughter of the Khe family, a family that has been married to the Tieu family for many generations.

During the soul possession ceremony, after the brother’s soul entered Tieu Tri’s body, the sister’s soul also intended to take over Khe Nguyet Dao’s body. However, Tieu Tri rushed out to block Khe Nguyet Dao’s body, from then on Tieu Tri had three souls. The brother’s soul woke up first, took control of his body, and wanted to complete the Spirit Tower to save his sister, not knowing that his sister had always been sleeping soundly inside Tieu Tri. When the older brother picked up the knife to kill Khe Nguyet Dao, the younger sister woke up. Meeting his sister again as he had wished for a long time, his brother’s resentment accumulated for thousands of years was also resolved.

The nightmare ended

To make up for their previous mistakes, the two brothers decided to contribute to helping Khe Nguyet Dao and Tieu Tri return to the human world. However, the actions of the two brothers angered Luc Tang Bodhisattva. Tang Ton collapsed the wooden plank, causing the two brothers to fall into the abyss. In the last moment, they opened the gate connecting to the human world. The urgent thing now is to quickly jump through the door to return.​


Tieu Tri told Khe Nguyet Dao to jump over there first. Seeing that she was safe, he felt confident to tell the truth. It turned out that after many trips, Tieu Tri’s leg was injured, he could not jump to the door that far away. Khe Nguyet Dao could only watch helplessly as Tieu Tri was trapped forever under the rock layer in Troc Tho Dong Thien…

The main content of Paper Wedding Dress 6: Eternal Nightmare is the end, but don’t rush to leave because the developer also added interesting hints about what happened around the main characters in the story. our previous sections. Let’s go back to the Easter Egg at the end of Paper Wedding Dress 5, the male lead of part 5 Tuan Nguyen Phong was slashed by the Dao Sat Dao so he got lost in the gap between the underworld and the earthly world. Here, Than Mac Khanh and Vuong Kieu Dong are facing Nhiep Mac Le.

At the same time, the male and female leads of part 4, Truong Than Due and Thoi Uyen Oanh, also coincidentally closed the Thai Nhat water vein, the road connecting to the human world was about to be closed. Can Than Mac Khanh and Vuong Kieu Dong return? Will Nhiep Mac Le’s plan to become a god succeed?

In the credits of Paper 6 Wedding Dress, a group of three people and a ghost came to the house of Mrs. Thang – Nhiep Mac Le’s adoptive mother; Those are Than Due, Uyen Oanh, Kieu Dong and Mac Khanh’s soul. From their conversation, it can be seen that Nhiep Mac Le’s plan failed, and Tuan Nguyen Phong also returned to normal life. This time they came to ask Mrs. Thang to help explain the ancient book and happened to meet the person with the Yin and Yang Eye, Khe Nguyet Dao. And in this completely abandoned village, the forces of darkness are gradually rising…​

Evil forces in Trang Linh village gradually arose

So what will happen to the main characters of the Paper Wedding Dress series? Will the crimes committed thousands of years ago still pursue them?

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