Slime Royale opens sale of extremely rare Box on AceStarter – Join Whitelist now

2022, with new promises for the crypto market, also witnessed the emergence of many notable projects. The most outstanding among them is AceStarter, Launchpad brings together a team of experienced developers as well as famous advisors in the technology world. The first signal proving AceStarter’s influence is becoming a strategic partner of AceStarter LaunchZonea successful and influential Defi ecosystem in the crypto market.

AceStarter’s next step in its goal of supporting the promotion of game titles NFTs This is the opening for sale of INO Slime Royalea name that promises to become a second Axie Infinity. Specifically, by participating in the event Whitelistplayers will have the opportunity to purchase Purity Slimethe item is considered the rarest and most profitable in the game.

With the breeding feature, rare Slimes have the ability to create baby Slimes and are traded on the Marketplace for profit. Based on that mechanism, Purity Slime is the first Slime that can implement this feature in the early stages, providing the first opportunity for players to generate revenue. Furthermore, if Purity Slime is in an “idle” state, it can be rented by players without having to calculate breeding or buying much.

Therefore, the Whitelist and sale event of Slime Royale on AceStarter is an extremely good opportunity for players to make a profit when playing the game in the near future. To participate in this event, readers can join at:
Join Whitelist: Https://


  • Step 1: Access the address:
  • Step 2: Select Connect Wallet (Condition you already have a cryptocurrency wallet. For example: Metamask…). AceStarter supports many different wallets.
  • Step 3: Continue accessing AceStarter and verify the wallet:
  • Step 4: Select “Investment Deals” and continue to select “IGO Deals”.
  • Step 5: Select the INO sale part of Slime Royale as shown below:
  • Step 6: Click to register for Whitelist:
  • Step 7: Fill in the required information
  • Step 8: If you receive a notification like the image on the website as well as an email notification, you have successfully registered.

English version instructions:

If you are interested in AceStarter, you can join LaunchPad’s Social channels here:

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