Korean historical zombie game Kingdom: The Blood sets a release date


YJM Games has revealed the official release date of Kingdom: The Blood on March 5. In just 2 weeks, fans can experience the game based on the horror film series Zombie dynasty belong to Netflix. This highly anticipated title will be available on both mobile and PC via Steam.

In Kingdom: The Blood, players will take part in more thrilling and exciting melee combat after the game testing was recently completed. Players can develop their fighting abilities by using traditional Korean swords against the horde zombie.

Team Mago producer Kang Hyeong-seok said: “We can confirm the enthusiastic response from international players to Kingdom: The Blood’s unique gameplay and melee combat. Based on feedback from players, we will do our best to provide high-quality game services.”

YJM Games and Action Square will continue to refine the details to enhance the UI and UX configuration to deliver an optimal experience on both platforms. Readers interested in the game can pre-register for a Kingdom: The Blood account on the App Store and CH Play. Kingdom: The Blood will be free and feature in-app purchases.

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