Skyrim’s legendary Intro was once destroyed by… a bee

“Hey, you’re finally awake.” This is a familiar greeting for anyone new to the game Skyrim. The player will hear the above dialogue while tied up and trapped in the vehicle heading to the execution site.


Setting up a scene where the rebels explain that the player was mistakenly caught while crossing the border and is about to be beheaded seems simple but is fraught with many difficulties. Nate Purkeypile, an artist who worked on Skyrim as well as Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 while working at Besdetha, shared about some of the above difficulties.

Mr. Purkeypile said that because the entire scene is physically simulated, every change in the environment will affect the cart, including small details: “Maybe the road is too bumpy. Maybe it’s just is a physical error or perhaps a rock that was accidentally placed too close to the road.”​


At one point, the car not only veered off course but also shook violently and flew into the sky as if it had been thrown by a giant. Purkeypile explained: “Something was blocking the car from moving on the road. The problem is this doesn’t happen often. At first no one knew what it was.” Finally, they found a way to fix another bug that caused flying cars and discovered that they couldn’t capture the physical collisions of bees. Bee is an immutable force of nature, if it happens to fly into the path of a cart. The car wants to move down the road. The bee doesn’t want to move. Therefore, the cart is forced to “fly” in a detour.

The story of the bee is an example of why the open world game very difficult to produce. Purkeypile commented: “Every time you fix one thing, you might break something else. This is especially true of open world games. However, the interaction of all the systems is what makes them great.” super interesting.”


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