Battlefield 2042 was tested early and leaked, gamers were permanently banned from the game

Technical testing first of Battlefield 2042 will take place this weekend, giving some fans a chance to experience the anticipated online shooter. Although the game is about to be released open beta But EA still requires test participants to sign an agreement information security and warns that violators may be subject to penalties permanent ban from the official game.


Battlefield 2042 will have an unlimited open beta for all players on all platforms, and early access is granted to those who have pre-ordered the game. However, Battlefield 2042’s technical testing that begins on August 12 still requires players to sign up for EA’s Insider program and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Essentially, the above agreement requires that players cannot share all information about Battlefield 2042’s technical testing. Of course, the agreement cannot prevent many people from leaking information like screenshots. , videos, streams and more. EA is working hard to remove the leaked content. Community manager of EA Studios Europe, Mr. Adam Freeman also emphasized that the consequences of violating the information confidentiality agreement can be quite serious.​


Mr. Freeman shared some official news from the test on Twitter, thanking the participants and confirming that the production team obtained a lot of positive new data about Battlefield 2042, including including identifying some key issues. However, he also warned people about violating the confidentiality agreement because content leaks could cause players to lose the right to participate in testing all other EA games and be permanently banned from Battlefield 2042. when the game releases.​

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