Shinkansen 0 – While visiting home, I got on the wrong ghost train


The Exit 8 is a phenomenon in the 2024 horror game industry, allowing players to experience a simple but extremely haunting gameplay style, which helped make the game extremely successful when released at the end of last year. Set in a subway station with an endless loop, the game requires players to be sharp-eyed in recognizing monstrous phenomena or else they will become victims of the evil forces lurking here.

Shinkansen 0, a game by Japanese developer Chilla’s Art, also bears some resemblance to The Exit 8. But without copying its predecessor, Shinkansen 0 offers a refined gameplay style. and more realistic. There, gamers will still have to be sharp-eyed to detect changes in this car compared to the previous one, but integrated into the context are plot details that help Shinkansen 0 become more immersive and lively. For example, players can start a conversation with passengers on the train, choose lines to investigate more deeply about the situation they are in, or pick up objects and observe even the smallest details.


Shinkansen 0 also has quite realistic graphics, successfully depicting a cramped and suffocating space, gradually injecting small but magical elements into the player’s mind. Best of all, the game also supports Vietnamese, not only through dialogue subtitles but also with many information signs, making Shinkansen 0 push immersion to a whole new level.

Shinkansen 0 is now officially available on Steam for the price of only about 2 bowls of pho, ready for gamers to download here.

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