Dragon’s Dogma 2 was suddenly livestreamed on Twitch a week earlier than it was officially put on sale

Dragon’s Dogma 2 may be facing major release problems, as someone has been livestreaming it on Twitch. This person claims to have purchased the game from Walmart, and if that’s true, it means that many other game discs were sold a week before the official release date.


The entire game was streamed by Twitch user Justichor, who repeatedly asserted that he purchased the game “legally” from Walmart and was confident that no terms and conditions were violated when livestreaming the game so early. However, it seems that Twitch does not agree with that, because his entire channel has been taken down “at the request of the copyright holder”.

Before the livestream was taken down, JustIchor was able to show off combat scenes and some of the early game areas, as well as answer questions about what it was like to play. This streamer repeatedly asserted that he bought the game legally when he was accused of getting the code from Capcom and violating the ban. While the above allegations may be false, Capcom still believes that Justichor’s channel violated their copyright and asked Twitch to take it down.


There is still no other streamer doing the same thing as Justichor, so it’s unclear how many game discs were sold out unexpectedly early (if what he said is true). Regardless, fans should be careful about the risk of unwanted Dragon’s Dogma 2 content being spoiled.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is scheduled to launch on March 22, meaning Justichor livestreamed it exactly a week before the official release date. The game comes more than a decade after the first game was released in May 2012, so fans have been waiting a long time for this sequel.


Recently, the game released a new trailer with the voice of Ian Mcshane, a British actor who has played in many famous films, including the role of Winston in the John Wick series. The new trailer introduced an overview of the world and plot of Dragon’s Dogma 2, and also revealed a bit about the gameplay, making gamers even more impatient.

To make the wait more bearable, fans can access the game’s character creator through a demo. This way, you can create your main character and main Pawn in advance. These characters can be used immediately when the game launches, saving a lot of time for those who have strict requirements for their own appearance. This demo can be downloaded for free here:​

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