Season 2 of Helldivers 2 launches this week with the new ‘Cutting Edge’ Warbond

Arrowhead Game Studios revealed in a post on the PlayStation Blog that Season 2 of Helldivers 2 is launching this week with the new “Cutting Edge” Warbond. This new Warbond is filled with “high voltage” technology, giving players access to a variety of new loadouts including super advanced armor, lightning blasters, stylish capes, emotes, etc.

Warbond – Cutting Edge launches next week on March 14 and adds a new “Acquisitions” battle pass for players to experience and unlock. However, don’t worry if you haven’t completed the old free and premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2, as they won’t expire.


In this new Warbond, players will find many armor prototypes from the EX series. EX-03 Prototype 3 includes a rubber liner to insulate with “the wire operates at a shocking voltage of 400,000 volts“. EX-16 Prototype 16 has an electric arc that creates a strong magnetic field. EX-00 Prototype X is “the end result of billions of Super Credits and 12 years of research to create the Soldier of Tomorrow”.


The new Warbond also focuses on electromagnetic weapons. The LAS-16 is a laser rifle that fires in short bursts and also doesn’t require reloading (just keep an eye out for overheating). The SG-8P Punisher Plasma is a Punisher pistol that has been tweaked to use plasma bullets and the ARC-12 Blitzer fires an arc of lightning at close range. Or, you can charge it to fire powerful beams to take out multiple targets.

You can also unlock the new G-23 Stun grenade and the LAS-7 Dagger pistol.


Additionally, this Warbond also adds appropriate player cards for each cloak and three new emotes.

Cutting Edge will officially launch on March 14.

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