Top good Chinese cartoons for you to watch this Tet (Part 2)

Ngu Hanh Son Department


In ancient times, monsters were raging everywhere, so a mysterious Taoist transmitted the power of yin and yang and the five elements to the five families of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth to help them fight against the monsters. They chased the demon beasts into Vu Son and then placed a barrier to trap them there. But one day, because he wanted to save his mother, Fire Hanh Messenger voluntarily went to Vu Son and opened the barrier of Cu Khuyet Than Thuan. The unicorn in the Mist Mountain escaped, the demon beast returned to the human world, causing a storm…

Perfect world


Perfect World is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by author Than Dong, the content mainly revolves around the life of the male lead Thach Hao. Thach Hao was born to practice religion, but died because of the tribulation. Hao’s body turned into a rain of blood, spreading across the continent. Through the refinement of countless times and spaces, of long periods of time, Thach Hao transformed into thousands of ancient times, transformed into freedom. Let’s see how male protagonist Thach Hao climbs to the top of glory, creating endless legends.

Vu Canh Ky


Vu Canh Ky is a 3D animation series adapted from the famous comic book Phong Than Bang. At the end of the Shang Dynasty, King Tru refused the divine edict of the God Clan, even blatantly burning the divine edict in front of the messenger, angering the God Clan. Under rage, Thien – King of Than To led his army to attack Trieu Ca, and in the end Tru Vuong was defeated. Thanks to the help of his mother Dat Ky, Vu Canh, son of Tru Vuong, was resurrected in the divine body of the beggar A Cau, escaping from the capture of the Than Toc. However, Vu Canh was later enslaved and exiled to a mine. Even though he lived in harsh and difficult circumstances, Vu Canh was still determined to overthrow the God Clan and the injustice they brought.

The Painted Wanderer and the Realm 5


This is the latest part in the animated series Hoa Giang Ho Chi Bu Luong Nhan, released in January 2022 in China. In part 5, when Nhieu Cuong returned, Ly Tu Nguyen proclaimed himself the head of the country. He used the name of the prince to chase and kill evildoers everywhere. As the emperor, Ly Tinh Van is about to face a completely new choice…​

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