Season 1 with the appearance of Joker can save Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Released after multiple delays that eroded fan interest, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received many bitter fruits with countless problems. The infuriating plot and unattractive live-service design caused the game to be severely criticized by the community. AAA’s masterpiece Rocksteady is dying, and the upcoming Season 1 is probably its last chance to rise from the depths of failure.

Although it’s likely too late to save Suicide Squad, Season 1 of the game’s live-service roadmap will likely fix some of its weaknesses and make it better. While there’s quite a bit of paid content (one of the big complaints about the game) in the new Battle Pass, it also comes with a fair amount of free content.


Season 1 of Suicide Squad has a huge scale, even surpassing Apex Legends’ seasonal updates. Not only does it add Joker as a new character, the game also adds the Mayhem map, which promises to bring many possibilities for exploration through Incursion missions. New weapon sets will also be introduced, themed around big-name DC villains like Two-Face and Scarecrow, along with lesser-known characters like Dr. Poison. Besides that, players can also look forward to new enemies and new boss battles.


Not only will the quality of Season 1 be truly revealed on March 28, but in fact most of the update’s content such as the appearance of the Joker was not well received. Gamers criticized the normal panel design and multiverse theme of the criminal clown (the Joker appearing in the game is the Elseworld Joker). However, this is a free update with many new additions, which will probably help Suicide Squad escape the “empty” situation like Marvel’s Avengers. Furthermore, the update also comes with a lot of bug fixes, which will hopefully improve the player experience.

Season 1 has been divided into two ‘episodes’ titled ‘Fear’ and ‘Duality’. Episode Fear will bring the aforementioned updates, including the new playable character Joker, Scarecrow’s Infamy Set, and a new boss battle against Brainiac with the powers of a Green Lantern. Episode Duality will appear mid-Season, offering other new features such as Two-Face’s Infamy Set and another boss battle with Brainiac – this time using Superman’s powers.


Spreading this sizable block of content throughout the multi-month Season will help the game last longer instead of just having one burst of content at the beginning of the season. This is a unique strategy but has great potential. If the quality of this new content also exceeds gamers’ expectations, Suicide Squad may still have a chance to revive, even if it is very small.

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