A Difficult Game About Climbing – The “stress relief” game makes the world champion depressed

With outstanding skills, qualities as well as a long record of achievements, Faker be fans of League of Legends (League of Legends) is recognized as the game’s greatest player, the “immortal demon king” that makes many opponents fear him. That’s the case with League of Legends, but it seems like the “2k6 young talent” also has difficult moments when experiencing other games.

Temporarily putting aside Jump King – the “jumping” game that makes many fans somewhat bored, in recent livestreams, the “immortal demon king” favors another game called A Difficult Game About Climbing. The name of this game seems to be a warning from the developer to the players, that this is a game climbing game difficult, promising to bring “turbulent” moments for gamers if they dare to touch it without being prepared in terms of skills and… psychology.


Failing once is fun, but failing multiple times… I’ll turn the game off for good

And indeed, Faker repeatedly fell off the cliff during the game and had to start over. Even his livestream was extended until 3am because he replayed the game many times because he couldn’t pass the table. Sharing the same fate as his “uncle”, Gumayusi – the gunner of the reigning World Championship champion, also had a similar route when fans suggested he try A Difficult Game About Climbing in yesterday’s livestream.

Without complicated gameplay, all players have to do in A Difficult About Climbing is just cling to cliffs or given items to climb up high. However, this also requires a certain amount of dexterity as the cliff surface is slippery, making it easy for players to slip. Sometimes, players even have to swing in place many times to gain momentum to reach cliffs quite far away. Just one mistake can cause the player to fall down and have to start over.

Although it is difficult, it cannot be denied that A Difficult Game About Climbing is a game that is very easy to attract gamers. Because the player will immediately fall into the loop: fail – try again – feel like they will pass the level – continue to fail – try again.

So if you are looking for a game to kill time and are completely confident in your skills and patience, try A Difficult Game About Climbing, you will definitely have “chill” moments. that’s a lot!

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