Gamer suddenly had a seizure because of playing Palworld

Recently, developer Pocketpair has released a new patch for Palworld to improve base management, making the overall experience easier; At the same time, it brings gamers a new Pal called Bellanoir. But it seems that is not the most urgent thing for players at this time. Instead, the gaming community is asking Pocketpair to quickly fix a major problem that endangers the players’ health. .

According to a player on Reddit, continuous flickering is happening in certain areas of the map. And unfortunately, this caused the gamer mentioned above to have a seizure:



Some areas are said to have flickering phenomena that affect players

Below the post, many other players also expressed that they had similar experiences to this gamer: “I’ve commented before that the game is seriously flashing with Digtoise and stuff but I’ve never seen an epilepsy warning for gamers.”

Obviously, this is an issue that Pocketpair needs to prioritize solving because it is directly affecting players’ health and may become the reason why gamers continue to leave Palworld.

Launched in early 2024, Palworld immediately created a global wave with a record of 19 million players. However, in just 2 weeks, this game lost up to 80% of its players, it seems that this game is losing its appeal to the community.​

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