Rookie Soul Strike combines with legendary Zenonia in the latest update

Not unfamiliar to the gaming community, legendary game Zenonia marked its golden age when it became the first Korean mobile role-playing game to top the sales chart on the US Apple App Store. Publisher Com2us Holdings hopes to bring exciting experiences to its players Soul Strike through collaborative content with Zenonia. The most anticipated update in this collaboration is the appearance of the new exclusive dungeon Devildom. Based on the plot of Zenonia, Regret and other beloved characters from this series also appear in Devildom. Players can freely experience the gameplay with 500 levels from medium to difficult, accessed with the Devildom Key. Furthermore, you can only play Devildom dungeon content for a maximum of 30 minutes per day.


Gamers will receive attractive rewards when passing levels in Devildom including Ether and a special currency called Z Coins. The more tasks completed will be proportional to the number of coins the player receives. Okay. Additionally, Soul Strike fans can use Z coins to redeem the limited character Regret and valuable items like cooperative soul shard chests from the dark merchant.

Besides, Holy Sword – a new ultimate move also appears with the ability to attack a strong area. The limited character ‘Regret’ and the essential Saint Gem item in Zenonia are also introduced in this collaboration update. In situations where stable hunting is needed in the field, this artifact will be an effective defensive assistant for players. Not only is Regret the only ally to be released, but players can encounter Chael, Celine, Vicious, and Ecne through soul fragments.

Soul Strike is the second joint project between Com2uS Holdings and TIKITAKA STUDIO, following the success of Arcana Tactics Re: Volvers.

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