Admire the impressive fashion performance of Play Together VNG gamers

As scheduled again, Fashion Week season 3 has officially returned after much anticipation from gamers Play Together VNG. The success of seasons 1 and 2 prompted many players to look for new costumes and create more unique designs to “show off” this season.


“Transformation” from the game to real life

Continuously innovating in the rules, Fashion Week season 3 offers a more challenging topic: Transform your favorite outfit. Players will “dress up” both the game character and themselves to look exactly the same, take photos or videos and send them to the organizers. However, this requirement cannot make it difficult for our extremely creative gaming community Play Together VNG.

Hundreds of “top of the top” entries have been posted, with surprising matches between in-game and real-life costumes. This further shows that the fashion in the game Play Together VNG is very close to real life.

Thousands of entries with all styles, from ao dai, streetwear or travel fashion, to country music artist style…

Personality in each outfit

The most special thing in Fashion Week season 3 is the appearance of Quynh Anh Shyn and famous TikTokers such as Tra Dang, Little Fox, Hang Bong, Kim Hau, Mora Bear, Sammy Dao, Phong Can TV, Ruby and Simmy Cat. The costumes in the game and in real life are as similar as two drops of water, shown by hot TikTokers with many unique styles.

Quynh Anh Shyn excellently demonstrates a cool and impressive style from real life to the game.

Kim Hau “transforms” into… a lovely watermelon.

Sweet Mora bear in a tone-on-tone outfit with eye-catching pink hair color.

The personality of hot TikTokers and the unlimited creativity of the gaming community have created an impressive fashion collection in Fashion Week season 3 of Play Together VNG. Not only are they cool and classy, ​​they always know how to “transform” with many youthful, unique and fresh styles.

It can be seen that fashion is always the hottest feature in Play Together VNG. With thousands of different outfit options, this game allows gamers to freely mix and match outfits creatively and spontaneously. Players can easily build their own personalities, starting with their fashion wardrobe in the virtual world.

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