Revealing the future: Cyber ​​City promises to be a fierce “battlefield” at exactly 10:00 a.m. on January 25

When players’ tastes are focusing more on games with bright, new colors and special breakthroughs in gameplay, immediately Cyber ​​City appeared and met those “extremely difficult” requirements. Recently, Cyber ​​City posted a set of eye-catching photos, preparing to present them to gamers scheduled for the 21st of the same month. The CyberPunk style photo set features beautiful, seductive and strong character designs, signaling a very attractive game that gamers should not miss.


The plot of Cyber ​​City revolves around a chaotic world, where for unknown reasons, a mysterious phenomenon appears, leading to heaven and earth turning upside down, people from other worlds, other timelines suddenly colliding with each other. and non-negotiable conflicts arise.

Players will join the characters in this world to participate in the chaotic battle between: Machines – Monsters – Magic and gain special energy sources, becoming the Overlord of Time and Space.


Cyber ​​City is not simply a game, but also a door opening to a vast future world, where advanced technology and creativity contribute to creating a completely new living space. With fantasies that far exceed reality, this city promises to bring players unlimited experiences.


The special and attractive thing about Cyber ​​City is the perfect combination of simple but extremely attractive gameplay. Players will not only participate in exciting tactical battles but also have the opportunity to explore, build and experience a wonderful future world. Something that has only appeared in fantasy movies or comic books before.

Specifically, Cyber ​​City plays in AFK mode, allowing players to set strategies and automatically attack opponents without having to participate directly. In particular, Cyber ​​City also has the mode “Increase x3 Speed” as well as “Skip” in each level to help players free their hands, spend very few operations, save a lot of time, and then still see the results. clearly through the index analysis table at the end of the match, from which players will choose the appropriate strategy for their squad.


The best thing about Cyber ​​City is not only participating in Challenge Battles, but also performing many missions at the same time in different arenas. Accumulating rewards from many places with special offers of up to 1020 FREE spins during the launch phase is a “stairway to heaven” for early-stage gamers.


Features like GUILD; make friend; Opening different servers, it seems that Cyber ​​City is not simply a single battle, but more accurately, this is an intense battle of wits between players.

Before the launch, Cyber ​​City has revealed many great incentives and features. Let’s wait to be the first to experience this game on December 21!

Below are some Giftcodes that players can use to have a better experience in the early stages of the game:​

In December, the time when everyone is preparing for the festive season, Cyber ​​City promises to be a great destination for those who want to experience a completely new and attractive entertainment space. With unique events, attractive gifts and diverse gameplay, Cyber ​​City is ready to welcome players and create a non-stop “battlefield” where all dreams of the future world can come true. come true.​

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