Among Us turns the fighting game into an extremely unique “modified” version

Among Us Arena will take players to an arena in style Street Fighter traditional. This is a spin-off created by fans with the desire to admire the bloody battles between astronauts. Players will control astronauts in clothes with familiar colors. Although the characters all have the same skills, the game still brings impressive duels.


Among Us Arena is surprisingly elaborate. Developers Starcutter built the game’s visuals very closely with the original version of the game Innersloth. The animations in Among Us Arena even make many people believe that the game is a product of Innersloth. The game is also equipped with a matchmaking feature, although players need to download builds in the same region as each other.

Starcutter said it will soon show off footage from the “real” fighting game project, which was developed in part thanks to donations from Arena. Readers can download Among Us Arena for free on​

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