Revealing the extremely strange appearance of Tachi – the new General taking over Lien Quan Mobile

Arena of valor just revealed Tachi – One of the champions that promises to rock the game MOBA Top 1 Vietnam in the near future. Compared by many to the legendary Yasuo, Tachi promises to bring groundbreaking gameplay and effective tactical options to gamers.

Along with the ability to perform special skills, Tachi’s appearance is also something that fans have discussed a lot in recent times. Carrying a sword sealed by a demon’s hand, the name “Tachi” itself is a name that exudes the spirit of this character.


There, Tachi is the name of a type of sword used by Samurai in feudal Japan. Unlike the Katana that is very familiar to us, the Tachi sword has a much larger length and curve. Japanese historians believe that with such a size, Tachi was used by Samurai in large battles with a large battlefield area, allowing the execution of sword moves capable of causing damage to the enemy more easily.

Some leaked images of Tachi during the ideation stage also reinforce this, giving Lien Quan gamers a more realistic view of the game’s new champion:

It can be seen that some of Tachi’s images appear more “human” than the official images in Lien Quan. It is possible that these images represent a young Tachi, and will even be introduced as a new Skin for this general in the future.

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