Top best Mobile survival games in 2023

Top best mobile survival games of 2023 is a comprehensive list of survival games with a large number of players on phones. Although they may be paid or free, the quality that players receive is unquestionable

Survival games are currently considered a game genre with a large number of players when it comes to bringing the most exciting and thrilling experience. Through many different platforms, this game series currently has many big names when it comes to it, which every survival gamer knows about. They even spent a lot of time on that game. At this point, the survival game series is also available on mobile systems and smartphones. Below is the list of top names in the Top Best Mobile Survival Games of 2023:

1. ARK: Survival Evolved

Top best Mobile survival games in 2023

Considered to be the most successful survival game at the present time, it has been in development for more than 8 years. ARK: Survival Evolved still has more than hundreds of thousands of players every day on multiple platforms from Consle PS5 to PC and even phones. With a playing time of up to thousands of hours, and a huge amount of content, ARK has become a brand when it comes to survival games.

ARK: Survival Evolved mobile version is a rare game that retains its quality when transferred to the mobile platform. Old players will likely retain the same experience compared to the PC and Consle versions if they migrate to the Mobile platform. New players will experience a unique feeling of survival when surrounded by more than 192 different species of animals and dinosaurs.

2. This War of Mine

Top best Mobile survival games in 2023

Even though it’s just an Indie game set in a post-apocalyptic survival scene due to the consequences of Nuclear War. Players are placed in a small house with basic tools, from which they can develop their base and decide whether to recruit more refugees or abandon them. Although simple, This War of Mine has created great success for the developer by attracting a large number of players including many famous streamers, thereby helping this game become more and more popular. .

Because it is just a light game, plus the graphics are not too heavy, This War of Mine has many opportunities to be ported to many different platforms. Among them, Mobile is indispensable, a market that is too fertile for the gaming industry at the present time. However, the biggest minus point of this game is the price of up to $13.99 – equivalent to 350,000 VND, which has made many gamers in Vietnam unable to access this survival game.

3. Minecraft

Top best Mobile survival games in 2023

It is known as the game in the list of the most successful games of all time with sales of up to tens of millions of copies. Minecraft has almost become a symbol for the entire modern gaming industry, with more than dozens of different large and small versions from many genres of play. Minecraft gradually becomes a symbol of popular culture, no longer within the framework of Video Games.

Of course, Minecraft also has its own Mobile version that still retains all of its content. In this version, players will return to the most primitive things of Minecraft with its signature super difficult survival genre. It can be said that Minecraft mobile is where players return to the past where this game series did not have too many “milking” elements. However, to experience Minecraft mobile, gamers also need a cost of $6.99 – equivalent to 170,000 VND.

4. Raft® Survival – Ocean Nomad

Top best Mobile survival games in 2023

Raft was an extremely special survival game at the time of its release, players would be placed on a piece of driftwood in the middle of the vast ocean. Over time, to survive, gamers need to pick up items drifting near their raft. From there it developed into a super base floating on the sea. But things will not be easy when surrounded by sharks always waiting for the opportunity to attack both people and property. Since its launch, Raft has created a trend in the gaming industry, with everyone competing to experience this special game.

To maximize the number of people who can access the game, the developer has launched a Mobile version called Raft® Survival – Ocean Nomad. The special thing about its mobile version that has made many gamers support it is that it is completely free. However, this version also has many adjustments to better suit the mobile environment. Some changes in graphics, some gameplay features… can cause old players to lose the experience they deserve. But for new players, Raft® Survival – Ocean Nomad is a game worth experiencing because it is free.

Above are 4 mobile survival games that have the largest number of players on Android and iOS. Although it may cost a little, the experience players receive is well worth it.

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