Project Black Budget – PUBG’s new FPS game will be released earlier than expected

According to the latest revenue report of Krafton, Project Black Budget is aiming to launch in the second half of 2024. This project was first revealed earlier this year and is currently being developed by the creator of PUBG. Krafton revealed in its 2022 financial report that shooting game PvPvE will launch in 2024 or 2025. Recently, the company’s third quarter 2023 revenue report narrowed the launch date to the second half of 2024.


The report also reveals Project Black Budget’s first poster, which could be internal concept art. However, the poster somewhat introduces the mystery of the game through the image of a secret underground facility, abandoned and covered with vegetation.

The latest report also reconfirms that Project Black Budget belongs to the extraction shooter genre. Even though everyone knows that this game is not PUBG 2 but something completely new, the concept art of the game still carries the PUBG brand. According to the poster, the game is currently titled PUBG Black Budget but this may just be the project’s internal name.

Some people speculate that Black Budget could bring similar elements to the popular battle royale game. Krafton mentioned in its 2022 financial report that its new shooter will be set in an “ever-changing PvPvE open world” and could release on PC, Console, and mobile devices.

Information about the game is currently quite scarce, but if Project Black Budget is only a year away from its expected launch, the developer will definitely share more about the game in the near future.

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