Replay – Bought the wrong game cartridge and was possessed by a demon


Replay is an indie horror game that allows players to role-play… into another player, where he will try to beat the game he just bought. The only thing is, that game cartridge contains a bloodthirsty entity waiting for anyone to accidentally open it and let it enter the real world. In Replay, in addition to controlling the game character, players can also look left and right to check their room. From here, you can notice ghostly things starting to lurk in the corner of the main character’s eyes. It could be the door opening automatically, the dark red streaks on the floor, or when you realize… on the TV screen, the character you control is standing behind someone playing a game in the room.


It is the virtual reality element that intertwines, breaking the statue between the game and real life of Replay, that immediately makes gamers question the very place they are sitting, the very room they are sleeping in. Although it’s just a low-budget indie game that’s even available for the community to download for free, Replay is truly an experience that will be strongly imprinted in the minds of anyone brave enough to try it.

Replay is now available for free on PC. And if you want to experience the feeling of always having to look back while playing a game, welcome to the haunted ice.

The Replay is now released on PC, ready for gamers to download right here.

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