God of War is Sony’s most successful game on PC

There is no need to rely on statistics, but it can be clearly seen that a large part of players are very interested in the titles PlayStation exclusive game uploaded to PC. After the debut of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, God of War is the next name that extends the successful chain of exclusive games PlayStation.


The PC version of God of War, released January 14, is now officially the biggest Steam launch of the year. Sony ever. The game attracted 73,529 concurrent players and entered the list of top 10 games with the highest number of players at one time. This number is significantly higher than Horizon Zero Dawn’s achievement of 56,557 people and far exceeds Days Gone’s 27,450 people.

God of War has an extremely positive review rating (97% positive) based on 9,095 Steam user reviews in just a few days after release while its two predecessor PlayStation exclusives: Horizon Zero Dawn only has a very positive rating (84% positive) based on 51,266 reviews and Days Gone with 91% positive based on 19,821 user reviews.


Although there are still technical complaints such as the lack of FOV slider or exclusive fullscreen support, God of War is still the most optimized version of all three of Sony’s games. The next PlayStation exclusive game announced for PC is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collectionincluding Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.​

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