3Q Flash – AFK strategy game “fight quickly, win quickly” is about to be released

The Vietnamese gaming industry in early 2024 continues to be exciting with the appearance of 3Q Flash – an attractive idle style strategy rookie.

3Q Flash brings together all the unique elements of the hands-free champion fighting genre such as team creation, champion training, good storyline, rich PvE – PvP, great benefits…

3Q Flash - AFK strategy game

The name Flash is very reminiscent of the leading support spells in current MOBA games, bringing a sense of breakthrough, agility and mutation. 3Q Flash also aims for that spirit, a game where gamers can increase their power beyond levels, leap to the top and create countless unique outplayed situations.

Possessing a new trend of gameplay, 3Q Flash focuses strongly on entertainment without needing too much time or tiring plowing. Gamers can rest assured that when they hang up their phone every day, they will still receive a full hand of gifts, plenty of level-up materials, and good equipment…

3Q Flash - AFK strategy game

With 3Q Flash, gamers also have more opportunities to recruit their favorite generals through 585 spins after 7 days of logging in, with additional rewards after each pass/mission completion. Players will be able to experiment with a variety of gameplay styles with many different team types.

3Q Flash - AFK strategy game

In addition, during the first days of logging in, gamers will take turns receiving powerful 5-star generals such as Dai Kieu, Bang Thong, and Chan Co. In addition, the game will also unlock the option to spin 3 times x10 and give players the option to choose 1 of 3 groups of generals that have been drawn, thereby choosing the cards that best fit the squad.

3Q Flash - AFK strategy game

The battle squad will consist of 6 generals, divided into 3 counter groups: Ngo – Thuc – Wei (triangle counter); God – Demon (overcome each other); Mixed (overcome all other systems). Intense confrontations and full of surprises will be the attractive flavor that 3Q Flash brings.

3Q Flash - AFK strategy game

After recruiting powerful generals, players will freely compare strategies in arenas with unlimited resources. Each operation has its own requirements, requiring a flexible formation to win, challenging the ultimate military talent.

The game will be released soon in March. Gamers can quickly update information at Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/3qtocbien

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