Project M – From afar you might think Valorant is a new shooting game from NetEase


Over the years, China’s No. 2 game company NetEase is known as the “King of Game Copying” and unexpectedly that title has received a lot of approval from developers in the industry. With Project M, NetEase once again consolidated its title. This game is described as shooting game 5vs5 mobile FPS, near-future sci-fi setting where all playable characters have unique abilities in addition to weapons.

If you’ve watched the trailer above, you’ll probably easily recognize many “similarities” between Project M and Project M Valoranta PC shooting game by Riot Games is also currently developing its own Mobile game version. It’s still too early to say anything, but if Project M hits the market according to what’s seen in the trailer, it’s understandable that a lawsuit would take place.

New news surrounding this game is quite scarce. There is no information about where the Closes Beta phase on Google Play is taking place, but according to common sense, it is most likely in the Philippines, Canada or Australia.

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