Officially launched, AU 2 PC offers 20,000 VIP Giftcodes for new players that cannot be missed

After many days of making people anxiously looking forward, on December 21, Au 2 PCs has officially launched with many interesting features and a cute, trendy candy interface. The new product from VTC Game will definitely make “key dancing” enthusiasts crazy.


Currently, readers can download and play the game at:

A few words about Au 2 PC, this is the newest Trendy Music – Fashion – Dating oriented computer game product on the market, predicted to stir up the genZ community in 2024. In addition to immersing themselves in the attractive choreography, players can’t help but be overwhelmed by the game’s diverse and massive fashion store, unleashing countless variations for every personal style.


Besides, Au 2 PC’s extremely interesting community (Fam) and dating features also make players’ online hours no longer lonely and lost. This will be a great opportunity for gamers to meet deadlines to earn “37 degree bears”, warming lonely hearts this Christmas season.


To celebrate the official launch of the game, publisher VTC Game offers readers a giftcode for the Phi Yen Trong Rain costume worth 1 million VND to experience, just enter IXLOTKFD to have right in the closet.


What are you waiting for? Install the game and enter the giftcode now!


Refer to information about the game on the following pages:

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