OMG 3Q – VNG: Celebrate the Snowfall Festival, “hunt” for Christmas Stockings, receive all the gifts!

According to the annual custom every Christmas, the game title OMG 3Q – VNG restarted the community playground to welcome Christmas and New Year called Snowfall Festival. This is the last chance of the year for gamers OMG 3Q You can receive a series of “perks” from your favorite Three Kingdoms fighting game.


Starting the Snowfall Festival, OMG 3Q – VNG gamers will break the ice and receive gifts together. During the program, players need to complete tasks to collect 4 different colored hammers and contribute to the journey of “breaking the ice”, unlocking gifts for the whole server.

Magic hammers are divided into 4 types: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow, corresponding to 4 tasks: Register information at the event page, Log in to OMG 3Q on December 24, Spin 10 times on the Xmas Wheel, and Collect 12 Christmas Stockings. Rewards for this activity include: 2024 Nguyen Bao, General Title Picking Gift-High 18, Campfire Festival Gift-Large, and Virtual Hero Picking Bag.


An equally exciting activity at the Snowfall Festival is the Xmas Wheel. From now until January 3, OMG 3Q players can accumulate spins by participating in required activities.

With each spin, gamers can randomly receive one of the following gifts: Purple Metal Fashion, Dark Metal Fashion, Hidden General Dictionary, Tiger Fragment Picking Bag, Red Divine Beast Picking Bag, Soul Picking Bag , Red Champion Picker Bag, Red Warrior Picker Bag, Red Guide Picker Bag, Nguyen Bao, High Material Picker Bag, or Christmas Stocking to participate in other activities at the festival.


If you are lucky enough to own a Christmas Stocking from the Xmas Wheel, gamers can immediately participate in the “Change Socks” to Get Socks activity and own rare items in the game. Depending on the number of Christmas Stockings accumulated, players will receive gifts at increasing levels, including items: Nguyen Bao, Piece Picking Bag, Material Picking Bag, gift packages…

At the accumulation point of 20 and 30 Christmas Stockings, the gift will include 5 General Commands used to summon Generals – the most powerful and rare General class currently. At the cumulative milestone of 80 Christmas Stockings, gamers will receive Soul Pearls – a newly launched equipment system with many meta-matching stats. Once you have accumulated 170 Christmas Stockings, gamers will immediately receive a huge gift package including 100 Bags of Selecting Pieces of the Purple Metal Spirit, 160 Gifts of Choosing the Pieces of Purple Beauty Books, 50 Bags of Choosing the Pieces of the Dark Metal Talisman.


The Snowfall Festival will take place from December 19 to January 3, 2024. Right now, players can visit the event page to complete challenges together and celebrate a very exciting Christmas season with OMG 3Q – VNG.

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