Players can experience Battlefield 2042 for free in the future

According to internal sources, EA seems to be wanting to explore the free-to-play route. Battlefield 2042 obviously did not meet EA’s expectations. Although the developer DICE is working to improve the game’s technical condition with patches, but Battlefield 2042 There is still a lack of content compared to previous games. The game disappointed many players, the number of regular 2042 players on Steam is lower Battlefield 5 and even Battlefield 1.


DICE has not addressed any outstanding design issues or discussed the future content/roadmap of 2042. In a new video about the status of DICE, EA representative Mr. Henderson stated that the company is explore the possibility of releasing a Battlefield 2042 game mode for free, possibly Portal or Hazard Zone. According to the report, Portal has a higher possibility because Hazard Zone only attracts a few hundred players per day, so the above mode will not make the best impression, not enough to attract players to the main game.


Mr. Henderson suggested that during EA’s upcoming February 1 earnings call, it’s likely the publisher will share more about the game’s financial performance and what changes are being made.​

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