Admire the extremely fiery trailer of Inverse War: The Future – Tencent’s futuristic FPS

Today (February 21), Tencent has brought gamers the latest images Discord: The Future – sequel to the series FPS 12 years old “Nght Chien”. The game is currently being developed by JiMi J3 studio under Tencent and development teams from foreign 3A game studios.

Opposite War: Future is set in the future world in 2071 when humans discover a high-energy mineral on the Moon. This discovery directly led to the 5th Technological Revolution, helping human science and technology reach new heights, building a space elevator connecting the Earth to the Moon. But over-exploitation caused the Moon to collapse, this is also the time when the events in Conflict War: The Future begin. In the game, players will play the role of Inverters who have the ability to travel through time with the mission of fighting to change fate.

PVE is considered the core mode of Adversity: The Future, here, players will fight herds of mutated zombies, experiencing many different fighting styles with guns. Besides, the game also supports PVP mode and many diverse gameplay such as: exploring the open world, overcoming dungeons, fighting Robots, tower defense…

Not only do they have to face villains who always seek to destroy, players also have to be careful where they set foot. Hidden behind the brightly beautiful future world are unpredictable dangers, from a sea of ​​strange roses, giant mutated mushrooms to majestic steel structures or the desolate remains of ancient civilizations. previous civilization…

Adversity: The Future is expected to be released on both PC and Mobile platforms, but there is no specific release date yet.

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