5 similar titles for gamers while waiting for Helldivers 2 to fix the problem

As you know, Helldivers 2 has been a huge success in early 2024, surpassing 400,000 concurrent players over the weekend. However, this unexpected success caused the game’s server to be overloaded when too many players accessed the game.

While waiting for developer Arrowhead Game Studios to fix the problems and expand the server, readers can try to experience similar games Helldivers The following 2 ways to make the waiting time less boring:



Outriders has many similarities with Helldivers 2, but combines many RPG and plot elements with a sci-fi premise. After its release, Outriders received many mixed reviews due to its unattractive storyline, but this will not be too much of a hindrance for players who just want to focus on the shooting experience.

Earth Defense Force 5


Similar to Helldivers 2, Earth Defense Force 5 is also a third-person game, supporting single-player and co-op modes. In the game, players will participate in 110 campaigns with the task of fighting against alien invaders. Although some aspects are not too refined, with a 70% discount on Steam until February 27, Earth Defense Force 5 is still a worthy choice to temporarily fill the void of Helldivers 2.

Remnant 2


Following the success of Remnant: From the Ashes, publisher Gunfire Games continued to bring players the sequel Remnant 2 last summer. Compared to Helldivers 2, the game uses more elements from the Souls-like genre, and also supports co-op mode, allowing players to expand on the core gunplay and combat capabilities. Remnant 2 also intertwines science fiction elements when allowing gamers to travel through the multiverse to defeat invasive plant-like entities called The Root.

Deep Rock Galactic


Deep Rock Galactic lets up to 4 players cooperate to explore the caves of planet Hoxxes IV together in search of rare minerals. But this planet is also inhabited by aggressive creatures, which requires players and teammates to fight hard to protect themselves.



Of course, the perfect game to replace Helldivers 2 is certainly none other than its “predecessor” – Helldivers. Although different from the sequel in that the player’s perspective will be top-down instead of a third-person perspective, the game still retains the same gameplay, bringing pleasant co-op experiences to players. If you still want to continue participating in the journey to protect Super Earth, don’t hesitate to try Helldivers now!

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