Play Together VNG: Confidently show off your “coolness” during Tet, immediately receive a Vinfast EVO electric motorbike

From February 7, 2024, gamers Play Together VNG will have the opportunity to become the owner of a series of extremely “cool” technology gifts when participating – Show off your cool Tet with Play Together VNG. The highest prize of the contest is 01 Vinfast EVO 200 electric motorbike; Second prize is 01 Sony WH-1000XM5 bluetooth headset; Third prize 01 Divoom Songbird Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker; The consolation prize is the Logitech Wireless Pop Emoji computer mouse.


The player with the most creative “Tet spirit” will receive a special prize – 01 Nintendo Switch OLED model game console with Neon Red Blue Joy-Con. Besides, the video with the most Views Effect or CapCut will immediately receive a Fujifilm Intax Camera Mini 12 camera.

In addition, 30 randomly selected by the organizers will also immediately receive the latest VVIP ingame package, creating conditions for gamers to experience maximum exciting Tet activities in Play Together VNG.


To participate in receiving gifts, players only need to follow 3 extremely simple steps:​

The prize of Selfie contest – Show off your Tet quality with Play Together VNG will be decided based on the views of the video combined with points from the organizers. According to the “tip” of the organizers, the scoring criteria will include the level of investment, suitability, and most importantly, the creativity and innovation of each player.


Players should note that the contest video is considered valid when it is accompanied by the hashtags #TetchatcungPlay #thanhthoiluotTet #gamingontiktok. The contest does not limit the number of videos for each player, gamers can freely create and show off their “Tet quality” with the vibrant music of Play Together VNG. However, each entry only records the information of the first registration. Subsequent registrations with different information will not be counted. In addition, contest videos also need to ensure that they do not violate TikTok’s policies; does not violate copyright (do not copy from any source); and needs to be first posted on TikTok.

Don’t hesitate any longer and show off your “Tet quality” with Play Together VNG at

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