Vo Lam 102 has determined the Champion, all of whom are admirably talented contestants

Vo Lam 102 is a talent contest organized by NPH VNG to find outstanding gamers representing the gaming community. Martial Arts Legend Mobile (VLTKM) and Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile (VLTK1M). With a huge investment of up to 38 billion VND, Vo Lam 102 is one of the famous competitions, receiving great attention in recent times.


Through 3 rounds of competition – 4 races (Round 3 took place in 2 stages), from more than 15,000 registration applications, Vo Lam 102 found the top 20 best contestants from the two games VLTKM and VLTK1M. They are all gamers who not only make people fascinated by their beauty but also impressed by their outstanding talents, from singing, dancing, speaking… they have it all. The scores and achievements the contestants have today are all thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the audience through votes, along with the fair evaluation of the jury.

The audience actively voted for their favorite contestants with the Heart 102 item

After a long journey of selection and search, Vo Lam 102 has determined: 4 Champions are also the owners of cash rewards worth 200 million VND and 16 Consolation prizes worth 30 million VND. . In addition to cash rewards, the top 20 contestants also receive countless other special in-game and out-game gifts. Not only the contestants but also the audience participating in the voting and achieving high rankings will also receive worthy gifts from the Organizing Committee.

VLTKM names Male Champion -Kim_Gai- and Female Champion _Phuong Cuu_

VLTK1M determined that the Male Champion belongs to MaxQuy and the Female Champion is Baby_Heo

“The 38 billion arena” officially ended on September 27, but perhaps the echoes of Vo Lam 102 will still linger in everyone’s minds. Because this is not only the Great Match 102 stage, marking the first handshake of two famous mobile games in the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen series, VLTKM and VLTK1M; but also opens up opportunities to exchange and connect with enthusiastic gamers who work hard and play hard. Vo Lam 102 in particular and community competitions of the VLTK game series in Vietnam in general will always be healthy, useful and connected playgrounds. Thereby, gamers look forward even more to equally impressive and quality contests that will be organized by the Publisher in the near future.​

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