The Call of Duty game of 2024 will be set during the Gulf War

After some rumor earlier this year, a new source lent credence to suggestions that 2024’s Call of Duty game would be a new entry in the series. Black Ops. This game is said to be set in the Gulf War.


News about work Call of Duty 2024 is a new Black Ops game that first surfaced in February. At that time, some people believed that Treyarch was developing a new CoD game codenamed Cerberus. Further evidence of the new game’s existence emerged in July when actor and singer Luke Charles Stafford shared a Facebook post referencing Black Ops and claiming that his image would used for next year’s protagonist Ratcliff.

And recently, a new report came from Windows Central, citing “multiple sources familiar with the plans of Activision“, indicating that next year’s Call of Duty is indeed Black Ops. The article also claims the new title will take players through a nuanced story of the Gulf War, with an emphasis placed on factions. different in conflict.


The above story would seem to dovetail with the end of the Cold War period and delve into some of the consequences of this period. In terms of gameplay, the early 90s setting will mean a return to traditional military combat technology and familiar Black Ops equipment, as opposed to the current and future technology of CoD titles. recently.

Windows Central reports that 2024’s Call of Duty is having the longest development period of any Treyarch-led CoD game, and notes that Activision is aiming to launch the game in “late fall.” , early winter 2024″. In addition, Activision is also considering various types of rewards for pre-order players, including early access to the game days or even weeks before release.

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