Opposed because of the new update, Helldivers 2 dev quarreled with players

Helldivers 2 just released a new patch on March 6, but unfortunately it was not well received by the community. In Discord servers and Reddit posts, people argued with employees Arrowhead Game Studios about the changes that have just been made. Some developers have spoken out to respond to the above criticism, and it seems they have gone too far. And now, CEO Johan Pilestedt has commented on the “horrible” behavior of his team.


Helldivers 2’s first update, patch 01,000,100, has a lot of changes that set the game apart. Most prominent are the newly added catastrophic weather events, such as fire tornadoes and meteor showers, which rain down on you at the same time as bugs or robots are waiting to tear the player to pieces. It also nerfs a lot of weapons while giving upgrades to some others. For some, it seemed like the negatives outweighed the positives, and people began taking to Discord and the game’s subreddit to complain about the changes.

According to the community, Helldivers 2 has become more difficult, while optimal strategies, such as the Railgun reloading “meta” that was once very OP, are now weaker due to the patch. Things got so bad that some Arrowhead Game Studios developers began responding to criticism with sarcasm and sarcasm, with comments being screenshotted and then shared on the subreddit.


Looking at you guys crying, I feel so funny,” a Helldivers 2 developer said in Discord, according to redditor Curious_Influence185. Fredrik Eriksson, animator at Arrowhead Games Studios, was even harsher: “Everyone’s still kicking ass in Helldive, so I don’t know what to say here. But the ‘skills problem’ comes to mindi.” Statements like these were so numerous that company head and creative director Johan Pilestedt had to come out and say that they did not represent the studio’s general attitude:


Responding to a redditor, Pilestedt said that the comments of some Arrowhead Games Studios developers were “horrible” and that he was “extremely disappointed” in such behavior. Responding to another redditor, Pilestedt said that the studio will discipline its employees to behave more kindly.

Pilestedt said: “We are aware of this and have taken internal action to educate our developers on how to represent the collective. This is not the message the company wants to convey. We’re always working to create the most enjoyable experience and community possible. We’re gathering your feedback and making improvements based on it. Thank you, love you ❤️”

Eriksson apologized for his behavior, saying he “went too far with the trolling” and feels like he needs to take responsibility for how fans perceive his statements.


I’m sorry if people are offended by that, I won’t be participating in the community anymore, because as many people have pointed out; we have a community group that can solve that problem,” Eriksson said. “I thought I would have a little fun with the players, but I realized that as a developer I was in an unfair position.

Helldivers 2 has brought great success to Arrowhead Game Studios. Despite struggling with some server issues after its successful launch on February 8, the third-person shooter is currently actively updating and adding valuable new features. . Although the developers may have gone too far in the above argument, overall, Helldivers 2 is still one of the best live-service games currently on the market.

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