Esports Vietnam: After a sublime 2022, what to expect in 2023?

“Golden dream comes true” – “Golden dream” comes true, is the concept that the media favors to talk about the 2022 journey of Electronic Sports Vietnam, as we continuously reap a series of proud achievements, notably the Gold Medals SEA Games 31 – The Southeast Asian Games that Vietnam is the host country, or outstanding victories in the international arena at GEG 2022, AIC 2022…

More than 20 years of ups and downs…

The concept of “Esports” appeared in Vietnam in the late 90s and truly became a phenomenon in the early 2000s. Esports has gradually expanded, becoming one of the fields with the fastest growth rate in the first two decades of the 21st century.

Looking back on a journey spanning more than 2 decades, Vietnamese Esports had a difficult starting point. From an unfamiliar category, having to endure countless doubts and negative views from the majority of the public, when most parents only consider “playing games” and “competing games” as a type of toxic entertainment that negatively affects the perception of young people.

But now, with the efforts and desire to express themselves of players and professionals, and with the great support of relevant organizations and departments, Esports from an “Underground” field “, has completely transformed when it is recognized as a professional sport, continuously on the list of official sports competing for medals at the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), and Here comes the Asian Games (ASIAD).

E-sports is also gradually being recognized as a mainstream profession, when in fact it has been proven that “playing games” is completely a form of labor that can bring jobs, stable income, and even is both fame and glory for athletes, or those who “do the job”.

With those milestones, eSports has never had such a “massive” influence as it does at the present time, especially after the team’s successful “gold hunting” campaign. Esports Vietnam at SEA Games 31.


That is not only a motivation, but also a challenge for game publishers, organizers, and even the athletes themselves, when aiming to develop more successful games. , organize more high-quality tournaments and events, and reap more resounding achievements… to turn Esports into a “national” sport, imbued with the color of popular culture and overcoming portray the identity of Vietnam’s young generation.

… and 2022 shines!

2022 is a “new normal” year for the whole society after the pandemic, but for e-Sports this is a completely new year. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the players; the support enthusiasm of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in general and the Vietnam Electronic Sports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA) in particular; It is impossible not to mention the companionship of the media and the affection of fans near and far over the past 20 years. Vietnamese Esports has not only strived to completely overcome barriers and difficulties during the pandemic period, but also reaped great achievements, promoting the country’s Esports industry to a higher level. new. Vietnamese Esports has affirmed its position in the region and is gradually reaching out to the world, touching new glories.

Let’s review the proud achievements of Vietnam Esports in 2022 while waiting for new successes of the country’s Esports in 2023:

“Rain” of medals at SEA Games 31

SEA Games 31 held in Vietnam was a great success after a long delay due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only those standing behind the scenes can understand the difficulties and hardships of the Organizing Committee of this sports festival. The pressure of ensuring health safety for thousands of athletes, the pressure of time… makes SEA Games 31 even more impressive and memorable.


From home field advantage and unlimited efforts, the Vietnamese sports team succeeded beyond expectations, winning No. 1 on the overall table with 205 gold medals, 125 silver medals and 116 bronze medals. Vietnam’s Electronic Sports Delegation was also honored to contribute to that overall achievement table, winning medals in most participating disciplines, including both team and individual competitions.

Specifically, we have 4 gold medals in the contents of League of Legends (LMHT) (men’s team), League of Legends: Wild Rift (men’s team), Raid, PUBG Mobile (individual) and 3 gold medals. Silver medals in the following contents: Lien Quan Mobile, PUGB Mobile (team) and Fifa Online 4. With this achievement, the home eSports team stands at the highest position.

And it needs to be emphasized that many Athletes in the Vietnam Electronic Sports Delegation are very young faces, most of them are just boys and girls in their eighteen or twenties. And for most of those young players, SEA Games 31 was also the first time they wore the shirt with the red flag and yellow star symbol, the first time they took on the responsibility of competing for the national flag, because glory of the country.

But, leaving behind the pressure and worries, Vietnamese e-Sports athletes have contributed excellent performances to the national audience, bringing home precious medals. Price for Vietnam Sports Delegation.

The medals, impressive performances, and tireless efforts of the athletes not only bring glory to the Fatherland, but also bring glory to the Fatherland.o spectators and fans, but also pride for each player’s family, relatives, and friends. And at the same time, it is an affirmation of the inevitable success of the desire to win and the resilient spirit of pursuing the dream of children who “love games”.


In just a few months, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift and Raid will be the names appearing on the Electronic Sports competition list of SEA Games 32 – the Southeast Asian Games held. position in Cambodia. From the achievements of the previous Congress, the Vietnamese Esports team has even more reason to confidently enter the new game, with new challenges and opportunities!

Champion AIC 2022, win a prize of 16 billion VND

Arena of Valor International Championship 2022 (AIC) is one of two international Lien Quan Mobile tournaments organized annually by Garena and Tencent from 2017 to present.


In this year’s tournament, Vietnam’s V Gaming team overwhelmingly won ONE Team to be crowned Lien Quan Mobile world champion. The prize is 16 billion VND – a record number for any Lien Quan Mobile champion, once again affirming V Gaming’s position in the international arena.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam won gold medal at GEG 2022


After winning the gold medal at SEA Games 31, PUBG Mobile Vietnam once again proved the position of Vietnamese e-Sports in the international arena. The gold medal at the Global Esports Games (GEG) 2022 ended a year of brilliant success for PUBG Mobile in the country and created many expectations for the team in the upcoming SEA Games to be held in neighboring Cambodia.

Win FIFA Online 4

The FIFA Online 4 Vietnam team was not a highly appreciated name when entering the FIFAe Continental Cup 2022 tournament. But in the end, the ProGamer team – Representative of FO4 Vietnam, suddenly created a “great place”. “shock” when becoming the champion and winning a prize equivalent to 2.4 billion VND.


This is the first time a team from an S-shaped country has won FIFA Online 4 and climbed to the top of the international FO4 village.

Reached the top 6 PGC 2022

PUBG Global Championship (PGC) – the most prestigious tournament of PUBG Esports. PGC is held annually and last year, Vietnam had 2 teams participating in the Finals of this large playground.


At the end of the tournament, Cerberus Esports left an impressive performance to finish in 6th place. Perhaps if only looking at the results, many people would think that the Top 6 is just a modest result, but with games Professional PUBG players, and even Vietnamese audiences who have a passion for this sport, this is definitely Vietnam’s proudest achievement ever in a competitive playground like PGC.

Team Flash enters the Semifinals of Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022

After achievements in the domestic championship and SEA Games, Team Flash once again left a mark in the hearts of fans when they entered the Semi-finals of the first world championship tournament of League of Legends: Wild Rift. This may not be the final peak of League of Legends: Wild Rift Vietnam, but it is definitely a milestone that no fan can forget.


Because this is the highest achievement of League of Legends: Wild Rift Vietnam since this game was released, and this result also accurately reflects the position of the Vietnam region on the professional Wild Rift map – An area rich in development potential, and promising to go even further in the future.

Top 6 of MSI 2022

Mid-Season Invitational 2022 (MSI) is an annual tournament organized by Riot Games for the spring champions of League of Legends regional tournaments around the world. Continuing a series of successes at large and small tournaments, Vietnam’s representative in this tournament, Saigon Buffaloes, has reached the Top 6. This achievement really makes fans of Vietnamese League of Legends in general and Saigon Buffaloes in particular extremely excited. proud!


In the last days of 2022, looking back at what has been done and feverishly preparing for the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia, Mr. Do Viet Hung – Secretary General of VIRESA shared: “Vietnamese Esports is successful today thanks to the resonance of many factors. It is the result of athletes’ efforts and seriousness with their careers for many years. Along with that is the support and encouragement of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, publishers, esports organization investors, event organizers and content producers. , media agencies. And the most important thing is the love and support of the audience and fans. This is the motivation for us to be determined to continue striving to achieve even better achievements, affirming Vietnam’s position in SEA Games 32 or ASIAD Hangzhou and upcoming international tournaments. Vietnamese e-sports hopes that the inspirational journey will continue to spread more good values ​​to strengthen the next steps of sustainable development.”


With these efforts and determination, we can fully expect to be in a strong position on par with Esports powerhouses like Korea and China in the near future!

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