Top good Chinese cartoons for you to watch this Tet

Mortal Cultivation Fairy Tales

Due to his poor family background, young Han Lap decided to take the entrance exam of That Huyen Mon with the hope of helping his family have a better life. In the end, Lap was accepted by Doctor Mac as his disciple. At first, Doctor Mac treated Han Lap very well, devoted himself to training and teaching him medical skills, making Han Lap very grateful.


However, Han Lap later discovered Doctor Mac’s true face and intended to steal his body. Under urgent circumstances, Han Lap killed Doctor Mac and left That Huyen Mon. Through the letter that Dr. Mac left behind, Lap learned that the world of cultivating immortals really exists in this world. The young teenager said goodbye to his family and started walking on the path of spiritual practice from here.

Linh Lung


Linh Lung is set in the future when the Earth’s population explodes; Exploring the universe and finding a new planet to live in has become a more urgent task than ever. While everything was proceeding smoothly, a dramatic geological change occurred that lasted for decades. This accident killed most of humanity. Waiting for everything to calm down, the survivors left the ruins to once again land on the familiar yet unfamiliar ground. But at this time, will humanity, which is used to mastering everything, still be the master of this planet?

All-Professional Master


All the Masters is probably the movie that gamers are most familiar with on this list. The film revolves around the journey to rediscover the glory of professional player Diep Tu. For many reasons, Diep Tu was kicked out of the team, left the Esports world, and started a new job at an internet cafe. Carrying deep memories of 10 years with Vinh Dieu, Diep Tu once again made weapons, formed a team, and returned to the glory of Vinh Dieu.

Thien Quan Tu Phuc


After ascending to become an immortal, Xie Lien accidentally destroyed the Golden Palace of the Divine Palace. There was no one to worship, so Xie Lien had to descend to earth to exorcise demons in exchange for merit. During the journey of training in the human world, Xie Lien became acquainted with two minor officials and the demon king of Hoa Thanh. All four people work together to solve strange events in the human world.​

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