On Christmas, a company gave away PS5 to all employees

Recently, a photo of a gift from employees of a game development studio quickly spread on social networks because of the extreme value of the gift. In fact, this is something that, believe me, any player loves console. console of home Sony everyone wants to own it.

That’s right, the gift Neon Koi studio staff received was one PS5 Standard edition – PlayStation’s 2019 console model. It is worth mentioning that this gift was given to all studio staff. This is definitely a meaningful gift for Neon Koi members this Christmas.​


Neon Koi is a game development team based in Berlin and Helsinki (Germany). This studio was founded in 2020 by former developers of Rockstar Games, Wargaming, Rovio and Next Games under the name Savage Game Studios.

Savage Game Studios officially changed its name to Neon Koi in November this year – nearly a year and a half after recording a major turning point in its development career: Being acquired by Sony in the summer of 2022. Therefore, currently Neon Koi is also a part of PlayStaion Studios. It’s currently unclear what games Neon Koi is working on after returning to Sony, but it seems the team is focusing on new titles. mobile games Use new IP or existing PlayStation IP. Sony also hinted that Neon Koi is developing a AAA action game for mobile devices.​

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