Dark Myth: Wukong shows off stunningly beautiful graphics in the new trailer

Nvidia’s RTX On brand has long been a “bachelor’s degree” for game graphics. That’s why most products cooperated with Nvidia are supported with the most advanced technology in the visual aspect, allowing gamers to “wash their eyes” with breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Dark Myth: Wukong (Black Myth: Wukong) is a typical example when it just showed off its unique graphic coat through the new Trailer.

In the trailer scene of Black Mythology, the game clearly demonstrates the Ray Traced Global Illumination effect, or temporarily called overall lighting combined with Ray Tracing. Global lighting is the calculation of how the 3D environment reacts to the light source. Usually light is only calculated from a direct light source, for example an object that leaves a shadow on the ground when standing in front of a light. However, Ray Traced Global Illumination or Global Illumination in general will calculate how light collides and impacts many successive objects when reflecting on the first object, creating reflection, refraction and shedding effects. next ball.

With this technology, Dark Myth creates a realistic and deep environment, showing scenes such as sunlight filtering through a door, shining on a corner of the room and then reflecting on objects in the dark. Not to mention the many other effects that Nvidia’s Ray Tracing brings, allowing the game environment to become more vivid and realistic than ever.




Dark Myth: Wukong is expected to be released in August this year. All information about the game will be updated by GameHub for readers as soon as possible.

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