Gamers show off their dressing sense and singing talent at VNG Fashion Star Offline

Offline Fashion Star’s 8th birthday last weekend is still a topic that gamers discuss among themselves. The more stories are shared, the more players feel attached to offline sessions, because they have had countless memorable experiences with a community that shares the same love for this game. With beautiful memories and strong bonds from my 8th birthday offline VNG Fashion Starplease vote for the game in the “FAVORITE GAMING COMMUNITY” category at Vietnam Gameverse 2024, continuing to cultivate these wonderful memories.​

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One offline opportunity, a million opportunities to connect

It’s been quite a while since VNG Fashion Star gamers have had a chance to gather since the game’s last offline community. That’s why, the offline 8th birthday party that day had many generations of gamers present, from long-time players to new faces. The event area is always crowded with attendees participating in activities, admiring cosplay characters and excitedly discussing how to receive gifts from the game. The prominence and multitude of VNG Fashion Stars community at Aeon Binh Tan is a testament to the strong attraction of the game in the context of an ever-changing game market, further affirming its important position in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers.

Quality photo album from the SWAG family after the offline session

In the bustling atmosphere of the artist’s 8th birthday, an interesting coincidence happened that made this day even more special – it was an offline day for members of the SWAG group (a community of games). Fashion Star Player was established in 2016). This event has become a memorable milestone, drawing members from all over such as Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai… to Ho Chi Minh City to both celebrate the game’s birthday and interact with other players. in the association. Therefore, the offline session is not only an opportunity to celebrate the game’s birthday but also a valuable opportunity for members to continue writing new pages for the beautiful story of a close, loving and friendly VNG Fashion Stars community. unite.


Show off genuine gifts and beautiful fashion

During the offline session that day, attendees not only participated in minigames to find fun but also to take home meaningful gifts. As soon as you get the gift, happily share it with community groups, not only wanting to spread the joy but also wanting to ask Facebook to save these memories. These simple but meaningful moments help unite everyone, creating a warm and intimate VNG Fashion Stars community.

“Offline is not only fun but also gives you tons of gifts!”

The fashion style of the attendees is also a special, unforgettable mark at the offline meeting. Many of you not only choose beautiful outfits but also meticulously coordinate them according to the character’s style in VNG Fashion Stars, from hairstyle, makeup to accompanying accessories. Each person becomes a living replica of their favorite character, no different from a professional cosplay event. This not only shows their passion for the game but also the way they communicate and express themselves in the community. Thereby, the offline session becomes a true fashion stage, where each gamer is a designer, a model for himself, showing off with unique and beautiful outfits.


Transforming from fashion stylist to TikToker, extremely adventurous singer

The offline session provides a diverse playground with a series of interesting activities, allowing each attendee to find personal joy and interests. First, checking in at the event is not only the first step but also an opportunity to receive special gifts from the organization. Next, the exciting atmosphere was raised with a dancing competition based on TikTok music, especially the game’s theme song, opening up a dynamic and creative music space. For gamers who want to show off their singing skills, the karaoke contest to the tune of the theme song is also an ideal stage to shine.


After 8 years, the VNG Fashion Stars game community has not only grown in number but is also very united and prosperous. This offline event is a testament to everyone’s vitality and burning passion for the game, for fashion and self-expression. The Organizing Committee also affirms that it will continue to support and accompany the community in future activities, to maintain and develop a civilized and creative environment, helping VNG Fashion Stars continue to be a destination. favorite of gamers who love this game genre across the country.

VNG Fashion Star (Miracle Nikki) – Creativity to Become a Talented Stylist​

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