OD – New “film” from the creator of Death Stranding


At the recent The Game Awards ceremony, Hideo Kojima has announced its next game. The game is called Overdose and is being developed in partnership with Xbox. In addition, Oscar-winning director, Jordan Peele (the man behind Us and Get Out) is also involved in Kojima’s new project. Director Peele said: “unlike any other game; the OD will be crazy.” The game will feature cast members including Hunter Schafer, Sophia Lillis and Udo Kier.

Mr. Kojima said Kojima Productions is partnering with Xbox Game Studios and using cloud gaming technology to create a game that is an “immersive” experience, unlike any game before it. The creator of Death Stranding said: “This is a game but also a movie.”

OD’s description reads: “A game by Hideo Kojima, OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold and what OD means by fear – while blurring the lines between games and movies.”

Currently, no information about the release date of Overdose has not been announced. This is one of two games in development at Kojima Productions, the other being a sequel to Death Stranding.

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