Marvel shocked when revealing the cruel truth behind the immortality of the Eternals

Note: There are spoilers for Eternals #6.


In Eternals #6, Marvel Comics It was revealed that each time the Great Machine revives a member of the Eternals, a human on Earth loses his or her life. The truth about the eternal existence of the Immortal Race has made both the Eternals and most readers feel truly terrified.

Eternals #6 will bring the story of the battle between the ancient heroes and Thanos in the iteration of the Great Machine. However, Phastos broke the repeating chain and called them back to Earth, leading Ikaris to fly to the malfunctioning machine. Phastos tells Ikaris that it is necessary to rebuild the central span and that only sacrificing Ikaris can do that. Even though questioned by the Eternals, Phastos still steadfastly believes that what he is doing is the right thing, no matter who he has to sacrifice. At this time he also brings up the fact that when he became the first Eternal to return, he learned the price of immortality.


Right now the comic cuts to the scene where Ikaris is revived and at the same time, a boy – Tony Robson dies. Most Eternals are stunned to learn that someone on Earth will die in their place every time they are revived. Gilgamesh, who killed the Eternals as punishment when he knew they would be reborn, was shocked to learn about the “blood stains” on his hands. Sersi admitted to knowing about this price in advance and called the Eternals a “heartless species”.

This truth caused the Eternals to be completely disturbed. As soon as they learned that their reincarnation had caused the death of others, the entire history of the Immortal Race became obscure. Previously, they believed that their resurrection protocol did not have any impact on the outside world, so they abused it, risked death, and killed themselves as punishment without knowing that someone was there. had to die instead.

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