Nintendo shuts down Wii U and 3DS online services in 2024

Nintendo suddenly announced the termination Online Services for gaming consoles Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. From April 2024, online play and other functions will be available stop working on both devices, and online co-op, leaderboards, and data distribution will also stop working.


This is Nintendo’s next move after close the door eShop online on both consoles back in March. While online multiplayer functionality remained active for a short time, all services will eventually shut down. This will prevent players from experiencing some titles, most notably the first Splatoon game.

In the announcement, Nintendo thanked fans for their support over the years while also announcing the discontinuation of the online service. 3DS and Wii U According to the plan, it may happen sooner than expected. Nintendo specifies that most games will continue to function after online support is discontinued, but games that require an Internet connection and rely on online multiplayer will no longer have servers. According to Nintendo’s FAQ, Pokemon Bank will still operate but it is the only game with an online service.


As for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo announced that StreetPass will still work because the system relies on a local connection between the Nintendo 3DS, but SpotPass will no longer be available due to requiring an online connection.

The official closure of the online service for 3DS and Wii U marks the end of an era in Nintendo’s history. From April 2024, these iconic consoles will become memories for many as Nintendo enters a new phase of development.

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