Admire the climax scene of Battlefield 2042 GTA 5 version

One of the news that has attracted the attention of the most international gamers in recent times certainly belongs to Battlefield 2042. Set in the future 21 years later, the game promises to bring many interesting surprises to players.

While the excitement of fans for the new masterpiece of DICE still shows no signs of abating, recently Youtuber RavenwestR1 continued to heat up that atmosphere with a video recreating special scenes in the game, specifically the scene where a missile shoots up an airplane, using GTA 5.

In the video, the player will control the pilot character, jump out of the plane and shoot up the enemy plane, then jump back to his cockpit. Even the GTA 5 version is more bombastic and unrealistic than the original. RavenwestR1’s video also received many compliments and encouragement from gamers.​


Events in Battlefield 2042 will take place in 2042 when climate change threatens human life. Rising sea levels, serious environmental damage and economic instability have caused nations to decline and their armies to disperse. Instead of fighting for their country, soldiers now only fight to save the planet and protect themselves.

Battlefield 2042’s battles span many places around the globe: Korea, India, Singapore, Qatar, Antarctica… All of these wars are aimed at competing for territory, resources or technology. Battlefield 2042 will launch on October 23 this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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