The hot anime Record of Ragnarok was banned from being shown in this country for fear of offending the gods

Record of Ragnarok is currently one of the anime most anticipated of Netflix this June. The film has the appearance of many gods from different cultures such as Buddha, Thor, Odin, Zeus… or famous historical figures such as Lu Bu, Qin Shi Huang, Leonidas… However, immediately When it was released, the film was banned from being shown in India for fear of causing religious controversy.​


Anime Record of Ragnarok is adapted from manga of the same name, written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, illustrated by Ajichika, the film is scheduled to be released globally on June 17. However, the film received many mixed reactions from Indians due to its appearance. of Lord Shiva. That forced Netflix to remove images of Shiva in the second trailer of the movie.

In Record of Ragnarok, Shiva is portrayed as a brutal, hot-tempered man who doesn’t care about humanity at all. People fear that this could cause non-Hindu people to have a false perception of this deity. Finally, Record of Ragnarok was removed from Netfilx India and has no return date.​


Record of Ragnarok revolves around the life-or-death battle between gods and humans. Realizing that humans were taking too many actions against nature, the gods decided to wipe out humanity. Before that, humans had the last chance to regain their lives, which was to win the divine battle. Ragnarok.

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