Ninja and Pokimane temporarily “parted ways” with Twitch


Two of these streamer hottest Twitch, Ninja and Pokimane is temporarily parting ways with the streaming platform. Ninja announced on Twitter that he will be taking a break from Twitch. “I just need a break… I don’t know when I’ll be back, or on what platform,” said the popular Fortnite streamer. Ninja did not provide further information about the real reason behind his departure.


As for Pokimane, the female streamer shared her plans to reduce the time she spends livestreaming on Twitch and instead, she will focus on creating content unrelated to video games for different platforms.

Pokimane expressed: “I hope people won’t find me complacent when I say this, but nowadays when I see content on Twitch, I feel like it’s nothing new, it’s all my stuff. tried it.” The female streamer commented that live streaming is a “super competitive industry” and she felt exhausted.

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