Conspiracy theory about who attacked LCK recently: Strange or familiar? Random or calculated?

As you all know, tournament LCK Spring 2024 has recently been experiencing constant delays because the Korean server is suffering attack DDoS. This seriously affects the time and money of both organizers, players and fans. To temporarily resolve the situation, LCK forced to announce that they would “fight underground” the following week to avoid being attacked.


LCK announced that this week’s matches will be held without spectators, the organizers will record and replay them later.

After many matches were paused, fans began to realize that this DDos incident seemed to be more than just a random attack from one individual. hacker It is very possible that this is a meticulous plan of an entire organization aimed at sabotaging and influencing Korean players. Why do I say that?

Because if you pay close attention, the first match on February 28 between KDF and Gen.G still took place very normally and without any obstacles, but the situation was different when it came to the second match between the reigning champions. won Worlds T1 and FOX. Similar to the match on February 25 between DRX and DK, the attackers clearly targeted the hot matches and received a lot of attention. There is a high possibility that the bad guys have been sitting in front of the screen watching each LCK match to find the most appropriate time to attack. This is also the main reason why LCK had to decide to let the teams compete in private, with secret timing to limit the opportunities for bad actors to attack.

The match between T1 and FOX on February 28 had to pause the game many times because of an attack.

Next to LOL, the game Valorant or even the streaming platform of Korean gamers also encountered a similar situation, so the above activities had to be temporarily suspended. Because the scope of influence of this incident is relatively wide, many people believe that this cannot be done by just one individual but must be done by a group in the dark.

From here, people hypothesized who was really behind this DDos incident and began to look at their neighbor and rival – LPL. The theory started when a streamer League of Legends A Korean with more than 647k followers, named Kim Min-kyo, because he couldn’t play LOL for a week, he tried installing a Chinese client to play the game. Surprisingly, he did not return home with DDos and played the game completely normally.


From here, people ask the question whether LPL is not affected because the server is operated by Tencent and not Riot, or because the DDos incident is related to this area? Many fans did not hesitate to point out that, if LPL is really the one behind the attack, it is very likely that LPL is taking revenge on T1 for blowing away 4 LPL teams to win the championship at Worlds 2023 and Gen.G because of a political scandal, specifically about the island of Taiwan, at the end of last year.

However, everything is just speculation and the matter will only be resolved when the attacker reveals his face. Hopefully LCK and Riot Games will soon resolve the situation and bring exciting matches back to fans at LOL Park.​

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