The game Taken Soul expands Da Lat culture and tourism around the world

Da Lat, Vietnam’s dreamy city, has long been a favorite destination for domestic tourists thanks to its cool climate all year round, majestic natural landscape, and unique architecture. Although famous for the Vietnamese people and known as the “city of love” and “the city of thousands of flowers”, the charm of Da Lat is still not really widely known in the international arena, especially is in the community of travelers and culture lovers from around the world.


Connecting and Spreading Culture

In the vibrant and diverse gaming world, “Taken Soul” has stood out not only as an attractive adventure action game but also as a cultural bridge, introducing the beauty of Da Lat and Vietnamese culture to the international community.

Set in the dreamy city of Da Lat, “Take Destiny ” not only faithfully recreates famous landscapes but also cleverly integrates the unique culture of this land into each game episode. From the vast pine hills to the rows of ancient houses, the game is open creating a colorful and lively Da Lat space, making international players not only enjoy an attractive game but also experience a virtual trip to this land.

Diverse Playstyles Meet International Needs

The main character in “Taken Soul” using a gun was a carefully considered decision, to ensure universality and appeal to players from many different cultures. The purpose of using guns is not only to fit the action gameplay but also to not narrow the player’s limits, creating an open, diverse and challenging experience.

Recognizing that international players have different preferences and expectations, “Taken Soul” has been designed with diverse gameplay, from action and adventure to puzzles and exploration. The gun feature in the game not only brings a strong sense of action, but also allows players to freely choose how to approach challenges and goals in the game, thereby meeting and even exceeding expectations. of a large number of players from all over the world.


Flexible in gameplay design, does not limit players to a specific framework or style of play. In this way, the game not only attracts fans of the action genre but also those who love exploration, puzzles, and story experiences. This makes “Taken Soul” attractive and relevant to a wide audience of international players, from casual to hardcore gamers.


Multilingualism and Translation Expand Your Impact

“Taken Soul” demonstrates the seriousness and dedication of developer SOGA studio in bringing the best experience to players from around the world. The game supports more than 5 international languages ​​including: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian,… along with Vietnamese dubbed version and subtitles, showing the efforts of the developer. development in bringing gaming to a wide audience around the world. This not only helps players from different cultures easily access and understand the plot, but also opens up opportunities for them to experience and learn about Vietnamese culture in a deep and rich way.


“Taken Soul” is not only an entertaining game but also a way to introduce and promote the image of Da Lat and Vietnam to the world. From gameplay to content, from language to images, every element of “Taken Soul” is designed and developed with the aim of creating a deep impression in the hearts of international players, opening up opportunities for Vietnamese culture and tourism to be widely known and loved.

It is expected that the game Taken Soul will launch and be released on Steam in March 2024. The whole family supports Vietnamese games okay!​

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