MU fans had to say “U is heaven” in front of Old Trafford Stadium built by Vietnamese gamers in Minecraft

Despite having to limit movement due to the impact of the pandemic, travel enthusiasts and gamers can still see many famous works and places vividly through the world. Minecraft.

In the game Minecraft, players can freely build structures according to their imagination in the 3D world. And recently, a Tiktoker with an account kynhongzippro (Duong Le Cao Ky) posted on his personal page a short video recording his rebuilding process. Old Trafford stadium in the popular game, at the request of a fan. After just one day of posting, the video attracted more than 185K views and hundreds of comments. In particular, it is easy to see many MU fans thanking talented gamers for recreating their pride in the masterpiece game.

After just one day of posting, the video attracted more than 185.5K views.

Words of thanks from MU fans to the talented male Tiktoker.

In addition to the words of thanks, fans also took the opportunity to ask the male Tiktoker to recreate more Stadium other like Anfield or My Dinh,… At the end of the video, kynhongzippro did not forget to send the audience a very meaningful message “During the period of social distancing, please rest assured at home, if you want to Let me worry about where to go (in Minecraft).

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