Nintendo is “touching the neck” of Pokemon plagiarism games again… but not Palworld

While the plagiarism scandals are coming Pokemon is lurking like never before, the famous legal team of Nintendo has found a new object to “touch”. However that is not the case Palworld – The IP that many people are thinking about, which is a title card game newly named PokeZoo.


At first sight, many people will surely realize that the creature appearing on the PokeZoo logo is very similar to Pokemon’s Gengar. It can be said that compared to Palworld, PokeZoo even blatantly copies Pokemon. Not stopping there, when searching for the keyword “PokeZoo” on Google, in the results section below the official website there is also a link with the name “Pokemon”. So there is absolutely reason to believe that the developer of this game is intending to take advantage of the reputation of Nintendo’s famous IP for profit.


On the game’s official website, players will see an extremely sketchy store with items for sale that are cards and card packs. These items have quite a variety of prices and usually range under 39.99 USD. With a series of sold-out cards, the developer certainly received a decent amount of revenue. But with Nintendo’s lawsuit, PokeZoo’s business probably won’t last much longer.

While Palworld’s Pokemon mods or some games like PokeZoo often disappear quickly as soon as Nintendo discovers them, it seems that Palworld is still in a safe zone. In the latest announcement, Nintendo said they are still investigating possible copyright infringement by the developer Pocket Pairhowever up to now there has been no official conclusion.​

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